Improvements AADServer

Based on the contents of ZIP Support Files as received we have been able to improve some core-functions of AADServer,
implying a bit faster performance and stability.

Improvement AADS Client for Linux

Because of updates in the various Linux distros, improvements have been done into the AADS Client for Linux.

New Desktop size option in the AADS Client

A new Desktop size has been added to the AADS Client: Maximum Size.

This Desktop size will show the Remote Desktop “maximized”.
Taskbar or Dock on the Client is still visible.
A Window Caption with Minimize / Restore buttons is shown.

A Remote Desktop running on Windows 10 Server shown “Maximum Size” on a Client PC running Windows 11.

A Remote Desktop running on Windows 10 Server shown “Maximum Size” on a Client MAC running OSX Big Sur.

A Remote Desktop running on Windows 10 Server shown “Maximum Size” on a Lubuntu Client PC.

AADS Application Control Directive: ts-session:

AADS Application Control has a new Directive:

Up til now the Start Menu of the User does always contain the Menu Item “Session”,
and this Session menu always includes:

Change Password
Lock Workstation
In case of the Administrator, the Menu Item “Session” does also include:

With the new Directive “ts-session:”,
the Administration can give the Users specific Session options. For example:

The option “Disconnect”, “Reboot” and “Shutdown” are de-selected. The user gets the see the following Session Menu:

AADS Start Menu Refresh

When the Administrator is working on the AADS Start Menu of the users, it is possible for the Administrator to refresh the AADS Start Menu while the user is logged in:

Refresh Menus shows the current logged in users, which do have an AADS Start Menu.
Refresh Menus does not show users which have a default Windows Start Menu.

The Administrator has done some changes in the Applications and / or Sets. For example, an Application or Set has been assigned to the group “Remote Desktop Users”.
After “Saving” these changes, the Administrator can select 1 or more or all users, and the Start Menu of those logged in users will be “refreshed” such to include and show the changes in Applications and Sets that just have been “Saved” by the Administrator.

Bugfix: AADS RDP Firewall

When the Administrator is attempting to manually enter an IPv4 Address on a Firewall list, it could happen that AADS Control and Maintenance would refuse the manually entered IPv4 Address with the message “Invalid IP Address”, in case the IPv4 Address ended with a .0
This bug has been fixed.

Bugfix: FFaMSearch

Fixed a bug for deleting files in x32 or x64 folders while running with Elevated rights.

Bugfix: Built-in webserver

The browse button for the HTML-folder did not work anymore. This is fixed.

Typo Error in the Manual

The Manual did incorrectly state that the built-in WebServer only supports IPv4.
The built-in WebServer support both IPv4 and IPv6.