Various Updates…

Various updates with under-the-hood fixes based on support cases and ZIP Support Files we have received in the past period.

More logging

More logging such to be able to analyse issues with either AADS or Windows.
This will improve our ability to support customers and improve the next AADS build.

Updated Translations, including French  

  • Various Translations are updated
  • French is now included with AADS  

Updated included tool FFaMSearch

Our searchtool for searching Files, Folders and More is updated:

  • In case FFaMSearch is used on a non-AADS PC,
    Windows Vista and newer, and UAC is disabled,
    it will show a small dialog:
  • In case FFaMSearch is used and installed on a PC where AADServer is not installed,
    an entry is created in Windows for Uninstall of the software:

Updated built-in Webserver

The updated built-in Webserver now supports:

  • IE 8
  • IE 9
  • IE 10
  • IE 11
  • Microsoft EDGE (Chromium based browser)

Other changes / improvements:

  • Support for IE 6 and 7 has been dropped.
  • The Webserver can now do both IPv4 and IPv6.
  • The defauilt HTML-code of the Webserver does not use „cookies” anymore, but „local browser data” for storing the RDP settings of the user.
  • The built-in AADS RDP Firewall does also handle and block Clients which do multiple invalid HTTP-requests.

Updated FARM

Various small updates and fixes to the FARM logic.

Updated 2FA

Various small updates and fixes to the 2FA  logic.

Updated Session Menu for Windows 10/11 Look-And-Feel

The Session Menu for Windows 10/11 Look-And-Feel shows as follows:

The last Menu-item in the Menu as shown to the user, is „Session”.
When Application Control is applied to the user, and the Windows 10 Theme is used,
the Session-menu-item shows as follows:

In case the „Shutdown” policy does allow for it, the Session Popup Menu does also show Restart and ShutDown: